Software Platform

Technology should make your job easier, not harder. Simplify is the only software platform designed specifically for ASCs from the ground up. It allows you to work just the way you do. And you’re going to love the way you work.

A straightforward platform designed to support the entire perioperative continuum – from scheduling to quality reporting – and backed with you-centered support.

You’re going to love the way you work.

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Scheduling & Registration

Just Smarter

We believe that cleaner claims and precision case costing starts with scheduling. Simplify’s innovative scheduling tool is much more than just a place to book a case. This is where the magic happens…

  • Enter data quickly and with ease
  • Automate data sharing throughout the system
  • Receive alerts for blank inputs and eliminate entry errors
  • Easily associate multiple procedures with a single case
  • Move, organize, and rearrange cases on the schedule with minimal clicks
  • Mark appointments as “Pending” for later release or confirmation
  • Avoid double-booking rooms and resources through automated conflict checking
  • Schedule surgery cases using procedure durations or physician case averages
  • Rock around the blocks with an unlimited block scheduler capable of handling all levels of complexity

Now that’s smart.


Digital Patient Chart

Your Forms Under Glass

Say goodbye to paper! Simplify digitizes your existing paper charts (including anesthesia) thanks to our proprietary “Forms Under Glass” technology designed specifically for tablets and laptops. Use your forms the way you like them today, or pull from our library — it’s your choice.

Imagine several staff members charting concurrently, never having to search for a wayward chart. Our technology eliminates multiple entry for data needed in multiple places, so you never have to enter something twice.

Chart in a way that fits your workflow, tracks progress, and eliminates errors.

Digital charting provides:

  • Better security
  • Instantly retrievable data and reporting
  • Improved survey readiness
  • Lower cost vs. paper
  • Faster peer review of charts
  • Electronic patient check-in and signatures
  • Automated bi-directional transfer of data to/from your business system
  • Automated data transfers with patient engagement tools

Your team decides which fields should be leveraged by reporting and analytics. And, now you can dictate straight into the chart. Can’t get any faster than that! Staff training is easy; get up and running in a matter of days.

Stay ahead of crazy. Manual chart auditing is a thing of the past, just like your paper chart piles, your storage fees, your shredder service, and your printer costs. We could go on…


Anesthesia Billing

Alleviating Your Pain

Forget the clunky screens. With Simplify you can code the surgery and the anesthesia in one place using powerful intelligence and decision support that you control:

  • Auto-select the proper anesthesia code based on the billed procedure via our anesthesia code crosswalk
  • Auto-calculate anesthesia time units based on case detail information
  • Auto-calculate charges based on the time that is entered (includes support for discontinuous and supervisory time)
  • Auto-adjust billed and expected amounts for your claims with support for modifiers, add-on codes, and roll-ups
  • Auto-split claims based on payer and provider mix for both anesthesia and facility claims

Claims Management

Simpler, Faster and Cleaner

We know that revenue cycle management is the lifeblood of your business operations. With Simplify your claims are scrubbed not once, but twice before they are sent for adjudication. Your ability to submit clean claims and get paid on time increases substantially:

  • Easily establish charge reversals, including full reversals to different points of the case from beginning to end
  • Receive comprehensive claims details and summary
  • Know when claim data is missing or incomplete via alerts
  • Access all patient data at your fingertips for streamlined coding and data entry
  • Generate customizable patient statements
  • Submit claims according to either ICD-9 or ICD-10 classifications
  • Automate electronic claim submission including anesthesia billing
  • Manage payer fee schedules
  • Facilitate two-tier claim scrubbing for cleaner claims and faster payment
  • Auto-post Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) transactions to patient accounts
  • Automate processes and customize workflows by setting business rules within the application
  • Auto-assign tasks to users or to groups
  • Track and manage claims denials

Didn’t we say you’re going to love the way you work?


Inventory Management

Yes! You Can Do Partial Orders

Simplify’s inventory module intuitively connects to the digital patient chart and schedule. It knows what cases are coming up and allows staff to deplete items as needed. Baseline inventory levels are automatically monitored so that quantities never dip below what’s needed. This modern perpetual inventory system even allows for partial orders.

  • Automatically allocate supplies based on your schedule
  • Process Electronic Purchase Orders (EPO) via Hybrent for speedy acknowledgement
  • Flexibly manage all vendors, product pricing, par levels, equipment and consignment
  • Order based on real-time par levels and case schedule
  • Clone purchase orders easily for regularly ordered supplies
  • Quickly create, copy and share Physician Preference Cards
  • Track maintenance and service cycles

Quality & Compliance

Clinical Reporting Built-In

The Simplify ASC platform offers drill-down access with filters to deliver the critical data you need. We make it quick and easy to pull any and all reports to ensure compliance.

  • Access modules for Risk Management, Infection Reporting, Peer Review, Chart Audit, Satisfaction Surveys and more
  • Create additional custom modules as needed for facility-specific data abstraction and reporting
  • Modify dates of existing reports for regulatory purposes without starting from scratch or involving software development
  • Auto-populate demographic and other data based on current case information
  • Filter data by organization, location, provider-payer plan, procedure, and many other key practice metrics
  • Take advantage of a variety of default reports, including state-specific data submission and ASCA benchmarking
  • Create and publish reports for any field within custom quality modules
  • Control access to modules and reports through role-based permissions


Create Reports Any Way You Want

Get the insight you need NOW. Our browser-based platform has the most powerful reporting and business intelligence tools you have ever seen. Simplify’s enterprise reporting seamlessly unifies and consolidates reports with incredible ease.

This real-time, actionable reporting tool is ready to go for one or multiple locations. No additional software tools needed! Examples include:

  • Case volume metrics tracking for improved performance
  • Comprehensive procedure reporting
  • Case costing analytics
  • Intelligent inventory management
  • Implant logging and follow-up
  • State-specific compliance data submission
  • ASCA benchmarking

You-Centered Support

Reliable Support, 24/7

We understand the urgency of being available when you need us. Your care saves lives. And we never forget it. Our support builds relationships and creates fans – not just users.

Get the Support You Need