We Don’t Know How You Do It.

Chasing down doctors for chart signatures. Coping with systems that force you to schedule single procedures — even when you know more will be performed. Hacking your way through quirky software to meet impossible reporting demands. Oh, and there’s also meeting the needs of patients, staff and doctors.

It’s all in a day’s work, right? Chances are it’s your nights and weekends too. You know there’s got to be an easier way to simplify all these processes, but your software is dated, awkward and leaves staff frustrated.

Time to take a deep breath.
You’re going to love this.

Bringing Order Out of Chaos

Simplify brings order to the unique brand of chaos surgery centers face with a beautifully intuitive, flexible, and complete patient management platform.

Skeptical about converting to a new system? Tired of combining multiple software apps to generate financial reports? Simplify’s platform has advanced reporting that doesn’t require a second application. Frustrated by upgrades and security patches that seem to take forever? Our fully HIPAA-compliant platform is browser-based, so it’s ready to work when you are.

Doing what an ASC management platform should do:

Nothing’s over-engineered; it’s designed to fit your workflow and grow with you—whether you have a stand-alone center or multiple sites.

Customizable Reporting
Easy Editing of Claims
Smarter Scheduling
Perpetual Inventory
Auto-Posting Payments
Industry-Leading Patient Charting

Bringing Clinical and Business Management Together

This might be the best part – we bring all your clinical operations and business management into a single platform. Redundant, old processes and manual workarounds are out. Intuitive workflows, tailored forms and timely alerts are in.


You-Centered Support

Reliable Support, 24/7

The Simplify platform adapts easily to a wide variety of circumstances and is supported in a way that builds relationships and creates fans – not just users.

We know that there are lives depending on getting your real and reliable support when it’s needed. And we never forget it.

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Simplify ASC is the comprehensive ASC management platform built with the insight you need to run a more profitable center, identify opportunities for growth, provide great care — and love the way you work.

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