Transition from In-house Revenue Cycle Management

ASC revenue cycle management is increasingly complex. Simplify gives ASCs the resources and expertise to improve revenue cycle efficiency for maximizing reimbursement. We work closely with ASC owners and administrators to integrate seamless, transparent solutions that help surgery centers succeed.

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Improved Revenue Cycle Results

Quality, cost and control are typically the reasons ASC owners and administrators choose to manage their revenue cycles in-house. However, effectively managing the ASC revenue cycle takes time, resources and expertise. Cash flow can be disrupted due to billing backlogs, coding errors and claims denials. Profitability can be diminished if revenue isn’t fully captured.

Simplify has a track record of helping ASCs get results. We leverage our in-depth ASC expertise and revenue cycle experience to improve ASC cash flow.

We focus on quality. Our staff receives on-going training on the latest regulatory issues to ensure correct, compliant billing and coding. What’s more, after engaging with Simplify, ASC clients’ overall revenue cycle management costs typically decrease while collections simultaneously increase. Simplify’s detailed transition process is designed to seamlessly integrate our revenue cycle solutions into the ASC without disruption. Our integration team utilizes the Simplify Integration Assurance Checklist™ to ensure complete and correct integration.

Simplify is committed to giving our ASC clients the highest level of service. We work in tandem with our clients to set goals and develop the necessary procedures to meet those goals. Our work is completely transparent. Simplify provides regular reports and data analytics so our clients know the status of one of their surgery center’s largest assets – their accounts receivable.

More than just Revenue Cycle Management

Simplify’s proprietary software platform ensures that your center is supported by the latest technology. A straightforward platform designed for the entire perioperative continuum – from scheduling to quality reporting – and backed with you-centered support. Nothing’s over-engineered; it’s designed to fit your workflow and grow along with you — whether you have a stand-alone center or multiple sites.

Customizable Reporting
Easy Editing of Claims
Smarter Scheduling
Perpetual Inventory
Auto-Posting Payments
Industry-Leading Patient Charting

Bringing Clinical and Financial Management Together

This might be the best part – we bring all your clinical operations and business management into a single solution. Redundant, old processes and manual workarounds are out. Revenue cycle optimization and intuitive, streamlined workflows are in.


Improve Your Revenue Cycle


Simplify helps ASCs across the nation thrive financially. Find out how we can help you determine the effectiveness of your revenue cycle and identify opportunities to improve cash flow. Contact Simplify ASC today to learn more…

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