Key Ingredients to Improved Performance at Riverside Park Surgicenter


Riverside Park Surgicenter is a Medicare approved, state licensed, AAAHC accredited outpatient surgery center based in Jacksonville, FL specializing in ophthalmic procedures. Their goal is to maintain a high level of quality care and standards at a lower cost to patients. We caught up with Amanda Marshall, Billing Manager at Riverside Park, to understand the reasons for upgrading their software, the process of implementation, and the overall results that the center is having using Simplify ASC.


Riverside Park Surgicenter learned that their existing practice management (PM) system would be discontinued in 2021. They attempted to transition to a newer version of their legacy platform but soon realized that the updated software was not geared
towards how their ASC schedules or bills. At the same time, Riverside Park recognized that they were also ready to get rid of paper charts and go digital with an integrated EMR/EHR. Their existing process required staff to manually type out all the chart info, often starting from scratch if there were errors, and physically move those charts from floor to floor each summer. This was not only time consuming, but also cumbersome when coupled with the lack of reporting and automation available. Riverside Park Surgicenter needed to source an alternative solution that could backfill their legacy PM, accommodate paperless charting, and enhance their billing and reporting processes.


Riverside Park met one of Simplify’s team members at the FSASC Annual Conference & Trade Show. They liked what they saw and how user-friendly everything seemed. As Simplify began the process of implementation into their center, Riverside Park
staff was nervous about being ready for such a change. However, Simplify’s implementation and support teams were there to provide assistance while staff adapted to their new PM system and EHR. And, to ensure continuity of the charting experience, Simplify designed the look and feel of the new digital forms to mimic the previous hard copy versions their staff and doctors were used to seeing. Amanda was pleased with the smooth transition and level of support from Simplify, especially while she was out-of-office during the first week of implementation.


Due to the pressing deadline to launch, Riverside Park moved up their time frame to start the implementation process and results have exceeded expectations. According to staff the Simplify PM system is easy to use and has everything they need, while the support team has been there for any questions or guidance throughout. They have successfully transitioned from paper charting to a fully digital process that is embraced. Simplify’s analytics dashboard and financial reports are easily understood providing key billing details and showing cases per doctor. Schedules are now customizable and the option to use color tabs in the user interface has improved clarity and visibility for everyone. Most notably, the turnaround time on claims is faster. With Simplify ASC, people, process, and technology come together in one place to improve efficiency and profitability. Riverside Park Surgicenter now has the freedom to focus on what matters most: patient care.

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